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In the name of Allah the Gracious, the Merciful

Constitution and Bylaws Of
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association of USA,



We the health related professionals belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, out of our conviction for sanctity of our medical profession and Islamic concept of humanity and social service, do hereby proclaim the establishment of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association, so that collectively we all can uphold ethical and moral values, engage in social and professional activities, support educational and intellectual pursuits, upgrade medical care and thus glorify our Association.

To this effect, we hereby set forth and enact the following laws governing the Association, which shall be binding on each and all of us in totality, until and unless properly amended by the provisions herein. So help us Allah! Amen. (This Association was first established under the directive of late Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad Khalifatul Masih III, Rahemahullah in 1970).





The name of this organization shall be the Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association of USA (AMMA). Hereafter, it will be referred to as “The Association”.


It is purely a professional and non-political Association. The Association shall be not-for-profit and shall have no political affiliations or activities. It will be an affiliated entity for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.


This Association is organized for educational, scientific and humanitarian purposes, The aims shall be:

1.      To provide health related services to the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and other communities to the best of their abilities all over the world.

2.      To facilitate the understanding and improve relations amongst Ahmadi Muslim Physicians and other health related professionals in the USA and all over the world,

3.      To help Ahmadi Muslim health related professionals strive for achieving excellence in education and research.

4.      To develop interaction and cooperation with other medical organizations in the USA.

5.      To participate in scientific development and education in the field of allopathic and homeopathic medicine.

6.      To assist newly arriving Ahmadi Muslim Physicians, in orientation, adjustment and achievement of their goals.

7.      To encourage medical education and delivery of better care in underprivileged countries, specifically by arranging for donation of medical literature, medical supplies and visits by specialist doctors.

8.      To help increase knowledge and expertise of physicians from hospitals of underprivileged countries.

9.      To interpret and correlate the scientific research in the light of the Holy Quran and to substantiate the Quranic truth with the modern discoveries.

10.  To assist its Members in acquisition of latest techniques and knowledge and to inculcate confidence courage and spirit to attain distinction in professional and personal conduct of life.

11.  To infuse in its Members the spirit of extreme devotion, dedication, honesty, truthfulness and hard work and to seek light and guidance of Allah in all professional and personal matters.


The membership of the Association shall be of the following categories:

Active, Honorary, Emeritus and Affiliate members unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws. Active members shall be entitled to all of the privileges in the Association including the right to vote and hold office. Honorary, Affiliate and Emeritus members may be entitled to the privileges of the Association, but shall not hold office therein.


1.      Regions: For the purpose of the Association USA shall be divided in to following regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West.

2.      Local Chapters: These “Chapters” shall consist of contiguous geographic areas where members reside. They will be determined under the Bylaws of the Association. Note Only one local chapter will be recognized from one geographic area.


1.      The General Body: The General Body shall consist of duly registered members of the Association according to the provisions provided herein. This body will be responsible for the smooth running of the Association as envisaged in the constitution of the Association. It, however, for the smother running of its affairs, may delegate this authority to various components as outlined herein. All actions taken by an officer or committee of the Association may be approved, rejected or amended by this body.

2.      Patron: The National Amir Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in USA shall act as the overseer and patron of the Association.

3.      Executive Body: Executive body shall be legislative and executive body of the Association and shall consist of the elected officers of the Association including the President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Secretaries and Chapter Presidents.

a.       This council shall fix the date and place of meetings.

b.      It shall create and authorize the appointment of standing committees and keep an upto date directory of members

c.       It shall control the management of the affairs of the Association and shall be responsible for proposing the income and expenditure budget at the annual meeting.

d.      It shall have the total control of all funds and property of the Association, except as limited by the Bylaws, and shall act for the Association as a whole between sessions of the general body.


1.      The officers of the Association shall be the President, the Vice President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer.

2.      The President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, and the Treasurer shall be elected by the general body, except as otherwise provided by the Bylaws with respect to the filling of vacancies.

3.      There shall be four Regional Secretaries elected by the general membership of the respective region. Only one regional Secretary shall represent any region.

4.      There will be Chapter Presidents of individual chapters. They shall be elected by the membership of the chapters. Only one President shall represent one chapter. Each officer of the Association shall maintain physical residence in the country during his/her tenure.


1.      Funds for meeting expenses of the Association activities shall be financed by annual dues, by special assessments (subject to approval by the National Amir) and voluntary contributions.

2.      Annual membership dues and assessments shall be fixed by the Council and approved by the general body.

3.      The financial status of the Association shall be presented by the Treasurer o the general membership at its annual meeting.

4.      No part of the net earnings of the Association shall inure to the benefit or be distributed to its members, trustees, officers, or private persons, except that the corporation shall be authorized and empowered to reimburse the expenses incurred during performance of activities of the Association. No substantial part of the activities of the Association shall be carrying on of the propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the Association shall not campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of these activities, the Association shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on by an association:

a.       Exempt from Federal income tax under section by an association exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Code.

b.      Whose contributions are deductible under section 170 (c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Code.


1.      The Association shall adopt Bylaws for the conduct of its affairs in harmony with this constitution.

2.      The Bylaws may not restrict or alter any provision in this Constitution.

3.      Robert’s Rules of order shall be adopted for the conduct of the meetings unless otherwise specified by the President.


1.      Amendments to this constitution can be initiated by:

a.       General body of a local Chapter

b.      Executive Council

2.      The amendments thus initiated shall be referred to in the Constitution, Elections, and Ethics Committee, which shall report to the council in 90 days with their recommendations.

3.      The council will accept, reject or amend these proposals at the first meeting after receiving them. At least majority of the councilors must accept an amendment for it to be sent to the General Body.

4.      These amendments will be circulated to the general body members at least 30 days in advance of the annual general body meeting.

5.      An amendment shall approve only when it receives two third majority subject to approval by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masihaba (the supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community).


1.      This constitution and any changes thereof subsequently will be subject to approval by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masihaba (the supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community).

2.      The dissolution of the Association if required shall be done by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih aba

3.      The word of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masihaba (the supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) will be above the Constitution and its Bylaws and will be binding on all the members and all the entities of the Association in all respects.



Until an office location is obtained the address will be the same as the address of the President or Amir or his designee, as appointed by him.


Section 1. As used in these Bylaws, except as otherwise herein expressly qualified, the term "physician" means "doctor of medicine" or “doctor of dentistry" or a qualified “homeopathic physician”.

Section 2. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of, sex, race, or ethnic origin.

Section 3. Active Members: To be eligible for active membership in the Association, a physician must be an Ahmadi in good standing and in practice in the USA and should not have dues pending against him/her for more than six months. In addition, the physician must comply with all provisions of the Bylaws of their society and this Association. Only active members shall have the right to vote or hold office. The categories of active members shall include the following:

a.       Annual Dues Paying Member.

b.      Active Members Dues Exempt.

Hardship: The officers may exempt dues of any active member when in their opinion payment of such dues is hardship upon a member. However special permission needs to be obtained from the President of the Association.

Section 4. Emeritus Members: Shall be due exempt, shall have no vote, and shall hold no office. They may, however, be appointed as members of committees or task forces, etc.

Section 5. Honorary Members: The Association may elect as an honorary member any person distinguished for services or attainments in medicine or the allied sciences, or who has rendered other services of unusual value to the Association or humanity.

Section 6. Affiliate Member
: The Association may elect to affiliate membership lay persons or professionals in areas of endeavor that are related to medicine. Such members may include nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, physical therapists, respiratory technicians, dietitians, medical students and non-practicing physicians. Affiliate members may serve on/or chair committees or task forces of the Association and participate in all of its activities, but shall not have the right to vote or hold any office in the Association. The dues for the affiliate members shall be equal to 25% of the annual dues.

Section 7. For the purpose of organization USA shall be divided into four (4) regions. Each region shall consist of contiguous areas. The regions will be further divided into various chapters. The initial composition of the region will be determined by the Executive Council at the time of adoption of these Bylaws. The Executive Council may modify this composition in the future based on changes in the number of members in individual chapters and or regions. The goal will be to have efficient running of the association.


Section 1. Annual Dues: Annual Dues shall be determined by the council and approved by the General Body. The term of annual dues will be the calendar year.

Section 2. Arrears: Any member whose dues are not paid by March 31st will be considered in arrears and will not be eligible to hold office in the Association that year.

Section 3. Assessments: The council may from time to time make special assessments.


Section 1. General Meetings: General meetings will be held during the Annual National Convention (Jalsa Salana) of the Ahmadiyya Community. Date and time will be announced well in advance. Secretary will be responsible for advertisement and agenda of the meeting.

Section 2. Actions: At any general meeting of this Association, the membership may direct the Council to appoint committees or commissions for scientific, cultural, and social investigations of special interest and importance to the profession and the public. Such investigations and reports shall not become official actions or expressions of this Association until so approved by the Council.

Section 3. Quorum: Presence of 1/3rd of  the voting members of the Association shall constitute a quorum except in cases of a resolution to reject an action taken by the Council whence a presence of at least 50% of the voting membership will constitute the required quorum. A simple majority of those present will be required for adoption of a resolution except in cases of overriding of a council action. In those cases a majority of 2/3rd of those voting will be considered affirmative.


Section 1. Composition: The National Amir of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, USA will be Patron of the Association.

Section 2: Powers and Duties:

(a)    In case of dissolution of the Association, the Patron shall disperse the assets of the Association.

(b)   The Patron shall oversee long range and strategic planning for the Association.

(c)    The Patron shall receive reports of the Association’s accounts.


Section 1. Composition: The council shall be composed of officers of the Association, regional secretaries and Chapter Presidents.

Section 2. Officers: Officers of the Association shall be the President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, and Treasurer of the Association.

Section 3. Meetings: The Council shall meet at least three times a year (spring, fall, and at the time of the annual meeting), but may hold special meetings when called by the President or by the petition of 25% of the council members. At special meetings the only subject discussed shall be the one for which the meeting was called.

Section 4. Quorum: A quorum of the Council shall consist of not less than fifty percent (50%) of its members, provided that such a quorum does include at least one officer of the Association and a representative of the President if he/she can not be present in the meeting.

Section 5. Powers and Duties: As the legislative body of this Association, the Council shall have the power and authority to adopt, institute, and carry out such methods and measures as it may deem to be in the best interest of the Association.

(a)    It shall adopt rules and regulations for its own governance and for the administration of the affairs of the Association.

(b)   It shall be active in the support of its members with regard to medical research and scientific medicine.

(c)    It shall have the authority to appoint committees, standing or special, from among its members or those not members of the Council. Such committees shall report to the Council and their members may participate in debate upon their committees' reports, whether or not members of the Council.

Section 6. Members: Members of this Council will be the official representatives of the Association on all formal and official functions both in the USA and abroad. In case fewer members are required to be present on these occasions, order of seniority for the purpose of composition of a delegation shall be as follows:

The President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer or appointee of the President.

(a)    The President of the Association will be the head of the delegation. In his absence, the delegation will be headed in order, by Vice President, by the General Secretary, or an appointee of the President.

(b)   Except in the case of a one-man delegation, the General Secretary of the Association or an appointee of the President will be the secretary of the delegation and in this capacity he/she shall record the proceedings and deliberations for subsequent reporting to the Council. The President will do likewise when he is the sole delegate.

Section 7. Resolutions: Each resolution introduced in the Council shall be introduced by any Council member. It may be referred by the President to the proper reference committee before action is taken thereon.

Section 8. New Business: No new business shall be introduced in the last meeting of a session of the Council without the consent of two-thirds of the councilors present. All new business so introduced shall require the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the councilors present for adoption.


Section 1. Qualifications of Officers: All officers of the Association shall have been members in good standing and have been paying their annual dues regularly to hold office.

Section 2. President: The President shall be the general executive officer of the Association. He shall preside at all meetings of the Association and shall deliver the President's Address. He shall appoint necessary committees when not otherwise provided for, and fill vacancies thereon. He shall be the presiding officer of the Council with the right to vote therein. He shall perform such other duties as are imposed upon him by the Constitution and Bylaws of this Association. The President will serve a term of office for two (2) years.

Section 3. Vice President: The Vice President shall officiate as the President in the absence of the President. He shall also perform all those duties which are delegated to him by the President.

Section 4. General Secretary: The General Secretary shall be an active member of the Association. He shall also discharge following duties:

(a)    He shall supervise all arrangements for the holding of each meeting in the compliance with the Constitution and Bylaws and instructions of the Executive Council.

(b)   He shall send out all official notices of meetings, committee appointments, certificates of election to offices and special committee assignments.

(c)    He shall receive and transmit to the Executive Council the annual and other reports of chapters and committees.

(d)   He shall institute and correlate each new activity of the Association under the supervision of the Council.

(e)    He shall perform such other duties as are imposed upon him by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.

Section 5. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all the funds under the direction and control of the Executive Council of the Association. He shall be accountable, through the Council, to the Association. He shall also discharge the following duties:

(a)    Collect all annual membership dues, assessments, donations, and such monies as may be due to the Association, keep membership records and issue membership certificates.

(b)   He shall deposit all funds received in an approved depository and disburse them according to the approved budget upon order of the President. All checks shall be signed jointly by the President and the Treasurer. The Council shall cause an annual audit of his accounts. He shall render a report to the Council reviewing the Association funds and imparting recommendations for the advancement of the Association's interest at each meeting of the Executive Council.

(c)    He shall present the annual report at the annual general meeting of the Association.

(d)   He shall perform such other duties as are imposed upon him by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.

Section 6. Term of Office: Except as herein provided, officers shall take office on July 1 of each year and serve for two years or until the next officials are elected.
Section 7. Transition of Office: Upon completion of his or her term the office holders will promptly transfer notes and documents to the newly elected officer within two weeks of the final approval.

Section 8. There shall be no limit on the number of times a member may be re-elected.


Standing committees of the Association shall be appointed by the President with the advice of the Executive Council. (See Appendix A for the composition and functions of the Committees)

The Committees will be:

I.                    Constitution, Elections and Ethics Committee: It will deal with:

(a)    Constitution and Bylaws.

(b)   Nominations and Elections.

(c)    Liaison with Professional Organizations.

(d)   Membership.

(e)    Ethics and Grievances.

II.                 Finance and Social Welfare Committee: It will deal with:

(a)    Finances.

(b)   Social Welfare projects.

III.               Publications, Research and Students’ Affairs Committee: It will deal with:

(a)    Publications.

(b)   Electronics.

(c)    Research, Education and Scientific Affairs.

(d)   New Graduates Help.


Section 1. Elections: Elections will be held at various levels. Individual chapters will elect Chapter Presidents, and the general membership will elect President, the Vice President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer. Each elected official will hold the office for 2 years maximum. At this point elections will be held. After election the results will be sent to the National Amir of USA who will in turn forward these to Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaba for final approval. Until the final approval previous officials will continue their services.

Section 2: Procedure: Elections of President, the Vice President, the General Secretary and Treasurer will be held under the supervision of the National Amir of USA or his representative. Elections of Regional Secretary and Chapter Presidents will be held under the supervision of the President of AMMA or his/her representative. Physical presence will be required to participate in the election. However names of members who are not present can be nominated for an office. Only those members who have no arrears against them in terms of membership dues will be allowed to participate in the election procedure. Members will nominate names which will have to be seconded by a different member. Members will be allowed to say a few words in favor of the nominee, however remarks against any candidate will be strictly forbidden. Voting will be by show of hands. Counting will be performed by individual designated by the presiding officer. Voting members of AMMA will not be allowed to perform counting functions. The presiding officer will be responsible for compiling and forwarding the results.

Section 3: there shall no quorum requirement for elections of President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, Treasurer and the Regional Secretary. However there will be a 50% quorum requirement for the election of Chapter President.


Section 1. An office of the Association shall be declared vacant by the Council whence an officer resigns, or leaves the USA for a period longer than three (3) months without pre-arrangements with the Council, or becomes unable to carry out the duties of the office for reasons of health or otherwise.

Section 2. Should the office of the President become vacant, the Vice President shall succeed to the President for the unexpired term. Should the office of President thereafter again become vacant, if the unexpired term is less than six months, the General Secretary will succeed to the Presidency. In case the unexpired term is longer than six (6) months the membership, at a regular or a special meeting, shall elect a new President, to serve until the completion of the unexpired term.
Section 3. Should the offices of Secretary and Treasurer become vacant, Council shall fill these posts by nomination after obtaining approval from National Amir.

 Section 4. The post of chapter Presidents will be declared vacant as specified in Section 1 of this Chapter or on recall for any reason by the President of the Association. In such cases, the new officers elected by the local chapters themselves.


The general meeting of this Association can be called for a specific purpose by a petition to the Council signed by one-fourth (1/4) of the active members in good standing.


The seal of the Association shall be a common seal. The power to change or renew the seal shall rest with the Council.


When prompt speech or action is imperative, authority to speak or act in the name of this Association is vested in the President.


Section 1. Session: A session shall mean all meetings at any one call.

Section 2. Meeting: A meeting shall mean each separate convention at any one session.


These Bylaws may be amended in accordance with the following procedure:

(a)    An amendment may be proposed by any member of the Executive Council or by a local chapter by submitting such proposal to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

(b)   The Constitution, Elections and Ethics Committee shall submit to the Executive Council at least thirty (30) days before any Executive Council meeting, any amendment submitted to it in accordance with the foregoing and any amendment proposed by the Constitution, Elections and Ethics Committee together with its recommendation and comments thereon.

(c)    All amendments shall require to be voted upon during a session of the Executive Council. 75% majority will be required to make such amendments.

(d)   The amendment(s) thus approved shall be presented at the next Annual Meeting of the Association and shall be approved if it receives majority of the votes. If an amendment fails to be adopted at the annual general body meeting for lack of a Quorum, it shall be put to vote in the next meeting.



(a)    Constitution and Bylaws.

(1)   The Committee will be responsible for reviewing and developing recommendations for amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws to keep the organizational structure and functions respective to current needs.

(2)   The Chairman of this committee will serve as a resource person to the organization for parliamentary procedure

(3)   The Committee shall organize educational programs for the leadership of the Association regarding parliamentary procedure and conduct of meetings, etc.

(b)   Nominations and Elections.

(1)   The Committee shall develop rules and regulations for and conduct elections for the Association in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

(2)   Throughout the year, the Committee will seek out and evaluate and help develop future leaders of the Association.

(c)    Liaison with Professional Organizations.

(1)   This Committee shall co-ordinate AMMA’s relationships with all other professional organizations and report the activities of these organizations to AMMA’s President and Executive Council and make recommendations regarding AMMA's involvement with these organizations.

(2)   The Committee shall develop networks of AMMA members involved in other professional organizations to co-ordinate their activities.

(3)   The Committee shall develop programs to help AMMA members in the various professional organizations, acquire and refine leadership skills so that they may be able to play a positive role in their respective professional organizations.

(d)   Membership.

(1)   The Committee shall be responsible for development of programs for enrollment and retention of members.

(2)   The Committee will keep an up to date record of the membership.

(3)   The Committee will develop and organize a membership benefits package to make membership in the organization attractive.

(e)    Ethics and Grievances.

(1)    The Committee will receive and review and given an opinion on all grievances brought forward by any of the members of the organization.

(2)   This Committee will also review and make recommendations to the Executive Council regarding any questions of ethical conduct that may be raised about any of the members of the organization.

(3)   The Committee will develop guidelines, policies and procedures regarding the performance of above functions and insuring the rights of each member and after due process present these guidelines to the Executive Council for approval.


(a)    Finance.

(1)   The Committee shall develop policies and procedures regarding the financial affairs and the management of the endowment/investment funds of the Association.

(2)   The Committee will be responsible for the preparation of annual income and expenditure budget of the Association. The Committee will present its recommendations to the Executive Council and the Council will submit it to the general body for final approval.

(3)   The Committee shall oversee all the financial activities of the organization, including the office expenses, the various committee expenses, and the investment funds.

(4)   The Committee shall present a quarterly report of all the financial activities of the Association.

(5)   The Committee shall arrange for an annual audit of all the Association's accounts.

(b)   Social Welfare Projects.

(1)   This Committee will raise funds and material goods for charitable purposes using well-organized ethical methods used by various national and international charity organizations.

(2)   Fazal-e-Omar Hospital development project will be one of the main tasks of this Committee. This Committee will provide frequent up dates of the project to the Executive council.

(3)   This Committee will disburse the funds or material goods to the needy individuals, their families and appropriate institutions or other organizations according to the availability.

(4)   It will develop rules and regulations for its own governance.

(5)   The Committee shall develop rules and regulations and a screening process to review requests for assistance. All of this is to be completed in a timely manner.


(a)    Publications.

(1)   The Committee will be responsible for all publications of the Association including newsletter, directory, and other publications that the Executive Council or the officers may decide to publish.

(2)   The Committee will develop mechanisms and raise funds to support publications of the Association so that they become at least a budget neutral project.

(3)   The Committee will endeavor to publish a newsletter/journal that is published regularly including news about and of interest to members of the Association and review articles and/or medical research papers.

(b)   Electronics.

(1)   The Committee shall develop AMMA, USA, website and will be responsible for its maintenance.

(2)   The Committee shall actively collect information from various chapters and committees to post current activities on the website for information of the Association

(3)   The Committee shall be responsible for the electronic communication of the Association.

(c)    Research, Education and Scientific Affairs.

(1)   The Committee shall be responsible for overseeing all major research, educational and scientific affairs and activities of the organization.

(2)   Organization of the scientific sessions and educational programs at the time of the annual, as well as the regional meetings.

(3)   It will serve as a resource organization to the various chapters for organizing their scientific educational program.

(4)   The Committee will also help develop programs of research and education in Rabwah, Pakistan.

(5)   The Committee will develop a network of physicians involved in academic activities.

(6)   The Committee will serve as a resource to the Physicians in training providing them guidance and counseling and organize a mentors group to support them.

(7)   The Committee will also develop means and mechanisms for the organization to recognize and honor members of the Association, who have achieved academic excellence in this country at the time of the annual and regional meetings.

(d)   New Graduates Help.

(1)   The Committee will organize efforts to help new graduates through the process of certification and training.

(2)   The Committee will organize efforts to help post graduates through the process appropriate post graduate training and obtaining desirable positions.


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